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A Caulbearer's Journey Of Wisdom And Enlightenment


I think it is so nice to be appreciative and say thank you and I love you from the heart to the ones and to the circumstances that we hold and that also hold us dear.

Although our experiences may vary or differ those of us born with the caul are generally very lucky children and I know this for a fact as I have had great spurts of luck all through out my life.

I’d get the things that I had wanted and wished for and knew that there was something around me guiding my steps and watching over me because I’d always somehow avoid danger and serious injury and things would work out for me whereas others may not have been as fortunate.

There would also be sensations of awareness that had made me feel self assured, at ease, and safe.

As we’re born with the capacity…

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Africans Are Being Sold In Libya’s Open Slave Markets [Video]

So Sad….

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94625By Fattima Mahdi, Truth Theory, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

It’s 2017, and shocking footage has emerged of Libyans being sold at auction at open-air slave markets. Tens of thousands of vulnerable African migrants and refugees risk everything to get to Libya’s coast and then across the Mediterranean into Europe – which is described as the deadliest route on Earth. According to reports, the migrants that end up in business detention centres are sold off like goods.

“As shocking as it seems, it’s indeed true,” Leonard Doyle from the International Organization for Migration tells Counting the Cost. “The reason it [slave trade] can happen is because there is really no rule of law across much of Libya. Libya is a country as big as France, with a lot of space there. Migrants are coming there … they see the promise of a new life when they go to…

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Pedophilia In The US: More Than 200,000 Children Married In The Last 15 Years

This needs, to stop..Our children, need to be protected. From these sick people….We need new laws, that protect the victims. There needs, to be justice.

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By Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

At least 100,000 children are prostituted annually in the U.S., adding to the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry. Children all over the country are subject to physical and sexual abuse, and most of the time it happens a lot closer to home than we would expect. Ninety percent of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator, and an astonishing 68% are abused by family members.

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