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This article was written by My Spiritual Advisor. Ann Teiss

She is very intuitive. Has great insight on things. A very humble, kind, honest person. I can go on and on. Lol.

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By : Cynthia L. Thompson

April.20, 2019


One Day in August…..

Where do I begin…The month of August, period. Was a month, of life changes.

First, I got laid off for the second time this year…Next, I got engaged to the love of my life.

He is currently deployed in Kabul, Afganistan. Has been there two years. Will be home ,next year. And In which, we will get married . Then I got hit by a car. While crossing the street..The driver of the car. Was distracted, looking down at his phone. To even notice, that I was crossing…I had no time to react or jump out of the way…Everything seemed, to slow down. Like time stopped. Even when, my body was airborne. Everything just felt unreal. When I landed. It was with, my head down. Legs splayed out, in a sitting position. No telling, how far. I was thrown…To my surprise, the driver ran over. After almost killing me. He precise words were” She ran in front, of my car..And I was only going 25 miles. He repeated this twice.”

When I heard this…Made several attempts, to get up. I could not. My legs, felt severed. Because to be honest. I was going to give this dude. A hay maker, from hell. Straight upper cut, the kind that takes one off their feet. This coward, not only tried to kill me. He lied and placed the blame on me. The story gets worse. I suffered an C2 fracture of my neck.(broken neck) Both Legs broken, from the knee caps down. Right leg was shattered . Had to have two surgeries on it.( Now facing an third, after the holidays.) Said leg, have metal rods & plates in it. Left leg had torn ligaments. It also, has a metal plate. Along with that my arm was disfigured. From hitting,the windshield of the driver’ s car. My face has scars, from the road.. Also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. I found that talking about my accident & writing. Helps me deal, with it better..Everything was handled wrong. The police officer, who responded. Wrote up a erroneous report. The driver only got a citation. He was driving with a revoked license, No insurance, speeding in a school zone & A out dated tag. From 2017. This happened on August 30, 2018. The report, has me. Coming from, the opposite side of the street. Cross walk 50 feet away. Supposedly…I remember. Walking on, a crossway. While crossing. What is sad, I never even spoke to the officer who responded. So my side, of the story. Was never told. While in Icu, i called him. He was very cold, lack luster. His attitude was terrible. I asked him. If I could have charges brought against the driver who hit me. His words. “I am not a lawyer.” “Didn’t you, receive flyers in the mail?” I replied. “I would not know.” Since, I am in the hospital. Broke the hell up!! In my opinion. He could care less. About what happened, to me. I contacted. The District Attorney’s Office. They was unaware, of my injuries..The driver was just going to traffic court. Not now. We are going to trial. As of December 18th. 2018. I can bare weight. After not being able to walk. Since August 30. I’ve been through hell and back..The constant pain, learning to live with it. People being unkind. The techs, dropping my broken legs. At the hospital,when I went to get scans for my legs. Getting embarrassed. At the doctor’s office, because I didn’t have insurance. Now I do…Being in constant pain, everyday. It is hard, not to harbor hatred. For the person” who put me in this situation. But I do not hate, nor resent him. All I want is Justice. And to tell my side, of the story. Because I did not get, to tell my side of the story. It took for this accident to happen. To realize, how truly blessed that I am. Meditation , Reiki and Being positive has served me well.

No matter what happens, I will keep going..

I am here, for a purpose. And it is not finished yet.

All Thanks & Praise to The Great Spirit…..

Cynthia L. Thompson

In 2018,Stay positive. Go! After your Dreams….

There is nothing worse. Than living, a meaningless life. Often times, we put off. The thing’s, that really matter to us. ” I will. Do it tomorrow.( In fact, Tomorrow never come’s, for some..We neglect, our selves. Putting other’s before self. That is not self love. In order, to be productive in life. You must take care, of your health. Good nutrition.(I recommend a organic food only. Be fully immersed. In the moment, to truly experience it all. My awaking..Helped me, see the world. In another light.

In the moment. The now. Present always. Life is one big adventure.The choices,thoughts,energy you put out. Definately comes full circle.

Medatation has helped me a lot. My mind is very active.In order to sleep good.

I would have to sit up, at night. Until I felt sleepy. Until, I discovered the benefits of chamomile tea.

I love the Yogi Tea. Honey&Lavender Chamomile. So good..Very relaxing. Not to mention, the taste is delicious!

I wrote this earlier, this year…Will write another post, next year. Lol. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’s!! May 2019, Be all. That you want it, to be…..

Blessings & peace! To all…

C.L.Thompson 12/24/2018

Lucky And Special

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