Services Offered…Combine Services, for Discounts.

imag03261069286050.jpgGuided Meditations : *$50.00 /30 mins  &   $25.00/15 mins *

Energy Clearings:   *$60.00/ 30 mins  &  $20.00/ 15 mins*

Natural Healing <How to Instructions.> On skin care,personal care, healthy eating,living. Over all, wellness< Depends, on what you need.  $60/ A session. Note: I am not a doctor. Just some advice, on this. And what, has helped me.

Email me for a session at :

Payment Methods, will be through. paypal/

To The Best, Health & Life…

Love and Light! Cynthia<3<3<3<3




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I was born & raised in Charlotte, NC..Trained Chef, Activist,Artist, Published Poet. I dabble in jewelry making,photography. l love, inventing natural products..

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