The Road to Ascension….

 I’ve been on the spiritual path for thirteen years now. Since 2002,the end of that year. Will be fourteen years, this year. My Kundalini didn’t awaken until the end of 2013…If you don’t know. What is happening…You would swear, that you are going crazy..The little deaths, that make you feel disconnected to your body. The purging of old energies/emotions/dark energy. I went through this, for a while. Hot like energy running up & down my legs,feets..Even in my hands.Recently, my ascension accelerated. Stayed thirsty alot,hot, hungry and most of all tired. Slept quite a bit. Weird dreams,spiritual downloads almost every other day. Questions getting answered, as soon as I asked. Past life playing out in this time….I was able to go online and found out. Who i was in a past life….I have been learning alot about myself….”Know thyself” Everyday is a lesson to be learned…I just stopped smoking on Saturday. Today is day four. After twenty years, of it. I’ve quit, twice before..Only to pick it again. But this time, feels different. Spirit has told me, for months now to quit. I’ve finally, heeded the call…Lol. This path is not easy…But Hey, who said that it would be…Just do your best. And always, choose the Light in all things that you do. Most of all, trust your inner guidance….There will be strange and wonderful things, along the way. Spiritual and the “Supernatural” which to me is normal. Since childhood..No surprise there, just “WOW”, moments…(Smile). Be careful, as to who you let in your inner circle. Because there alot of dark energies out there. Who will trick and deceive you. So be aware…Until next time, Love and Light!IMG_240256152252993



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I was born & raised in Charlotte, NC..Trained Chef, Activist,Artist, Published Poet. I dabble in jewelry making,photography. l love, inventing natural products..

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