Meeting your other half….

When I dreamed of you, all of those years ago….I didn’t expect to actually meet you…Eleven years, four months later.  Unexpected..There you were …At first, it didn’t click. Until later on.Your voice, were familiar…Your appearance. Everything about you, I recognized.  I recently found out. that as a little girl.I was seeing you and other lifetimes

that we shared together.Even drew a picture of you, after my ancestors came to visit me.They showed me who i was to marry. I didn’t know how real this was until I met you  .All of my life, I’ve had  this ideal of who i was suppose to marry. To be with..I know certain things about him that can’t be explained.That is facts. He told me so himself, he was surprised at how much i knew about him. Everyone has a spiritual counterpart. The only person, in the world. Who is your perfect match in everything. Same vibration, Soul essence, sometimes they even look simliar to you like actual twins…

You began to question everything. Because once you meet in 3d, you wake up….Your kundalini is activated. You go through the dark night of the soul…You began to heal past hurts,issues…As you do..You die a little each time you heal something and release it.

I will not lie to you..It just feels plain weird. I remember pinching my arm just to know that i was still alive.. I felt empty and disconnected from everything. Each time i healed and cleared old  energy…All the while, feeling this energy running through my body. Hot and cold energy running up and down my limbs, feet. I would feel this pressure in my head, like something was drilling in my head or something. Had extreme headaches, like migraines.Would often, wake up in the middle of the night. The clock would read 1:11, 3:33, 4:44..Started seeing 11:11 often after meeting “Him”. My heart chakra would pulsate and expand..It hurt sometimes .At first, i thought. That i was having a heart attack…Lol, It felt that way..

People talk about Spirituality…Believing in a Higher Power.The Universe…..Whatever you choose to call it. I recognize God/Goddess..Some may scoff at this. I really could care less. I know the truth..Soon you will too, if you are not enlightened. Awake yet? There are those who slumber still. But the time is soon approaching. When their eyes, will open. To the real truth. Not the lies, that we were taught for thousands of years….When I first awakened. I was angry. When i found out, the lies that were told to me. Truth is hidden in plain sight. But instead people choose to believe the lies…

My spiritual journey really took off then…I found that,I could no longer live untruthfully.

No matter what, i spoke my truth..Tempered with love and compassion. Peace is fore most in my world now. Balance within..I am the happiest. I’ve been in a long time.

I am a constant work in progress…You should never stop improving. We are all here to learn ,grow as a reflection of our creator. Being Co Creators ourselves. We are here to learn to manipulate energy. And to expand our consciousness. With so much to learn spiritually. You will never get bored….So keep seeking. The teacher  will show up.






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I was born & raised in Charlotte, NC..Trained Chef, Activist,Artist, Published Poet. I dabble in jewelry making,photography. l love, inventing natural products..

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