Love is Forever…

There is truth. And there are lies, we tell our selves. Deny, all you want. Run, if you must. It comes down to love, & fate…(What God, has brought together.Let no man,tear unsunder…Those words,are speaking about spiritual partnerships…But are used as wedding vows..( Which is incorrect…) Unbreakable bonds…Exists between, spiritual partners. I met the love, of my life, three years ago…Unexpected. I wasn’t searching or looking for anyone.

Was very happy, being alone…And then you came along.And changed,my life. I never expected to meet after so many years. Dreaming of you. I don’t think.That you was ready ..For this connection,we shared. And neither was I…

It scared, the hell out of me. To be totally honest. And all the fears,inside.Came bubbling, to the surface. At the time, I was new to my spiritual awakening. So I didn’t. Fully understand. What was happening. I’ve never felt. Such a deep connection, to anyone before.

My soul, knew yours….My heart beat as one, along side yours..

And your essence, energy..Was simply amazing. The first time, I realized. Who you, were to me. Was when you told me my thoughts. That was kinda creepy, scary & exciting all at the same time.

Being able to feel you touch me..Even from miles away…

Electric..Explosive…Pure magic!

My Love, for you. Still burns bright, brilliant …Like, the north star..

For those, out there…Who don’t think. That this kind, of love exists…..I can tell you, that it does.

Love is Forever…….Lifetime after lifetime. Our souls, searched. For one another. Five times, we met fell in love. Four times, we did not..we grew old , pining away for each other. The things, I’ve seen. Wow! Is all I can say….It’s like a fairy tale story. Only this story, is real. My Love, I’ve  waited across the centuries, for you. And if I had to.. I’d wait, for eternity…

Because, true love is worth it…

Right here,Right now ..Forever

  • My One,IMG_240256152252993 true love…..

(This is dedicated to L.I.Y)

You know who you are…….

By  C.L.Thompson****










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I was born & raised in Charlotte, NC..Trained Chef, Activist,Artist, Published Poet. I dabble in jewelry making,photography. l love, inventing natural products..

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