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Some useful tools…

Never operate, from the energy of lack. You will keep yourself, stuck in lack.

Chill, Relax, Stay present. In the moment. Don’t dwell,on the past.Nor the future. Over much. It’s gone. Let go. Stay positive. Expect your needs.Your desires, to be met.

Nothing is set. You create your future.

With every moment.Thought or deed…

Everything you want. You can have.

It all starts, with your mindset.

Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Life is, to be enjoyed.

Even through.The ups & downs.

God has you. Know that, you are taken care of.

Never stop, being grateful.

Gratitude should always, be the attitude.

Peace, L💘ve. & Light..

TO YOU,All….

Cynthia L.Thompson


Spiritual Work 1*4*2018

imag0432600361954.jpgYou must be grateful,thankful for each day. Every experience brings you that much closer. To your purpose. Your very reason, for being.

Life is meant, to be enjoyed. Even amidst, great pain. Keep going…

There are better days. Trust and believe it. With all, of your heart.

You will either rise or fall…Free will, gives one options..

Be Wise. Be Kind..Be L💘ve.

Choose peace..In a world,filled with constant chaos..

Always be the bigger person.

My hope, is to see. Everyone love, one another. Some Day…


The Energy Shifts…12/23/2017 Saturday

I sit here. And think about this year. 2017 It has been a roller coaster ride.Spiritually speaking..I’ve came a long way, from Last year. My growth, has really taken off..

Be so calm, just mellow and Happy Lately. Butterflies in my stomach. Chills all over..

Blissful. At peace, most days..,There has been tremendous change. Happening, all over the world. The truth has been coming out. About things. That were hidden or secret.

Life is Amazing…Even in the bad times.

I am grateful. Just to be here..These times will always be remembered.

The Libration Times…Breaking free from oppression,entrapment.

Most of all the lies, we’ve been told.