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This is the start, of My Crisis 🔥 Line.

This is, for those. Who need, to talk to someone. Who won’t judge them. But to listen and show compassion. L💘ve..

So, If you are in a dark place.

There is always light, at the end of it.

You just have to reach for it.


L💘ve & Light…



The Fatback Queen…

This place, hold some good memories for me. It was a good spot, to chill with friends..Eat good, play pool, meet your neighbors. The Owner, Mr. John.

Has been opened since 1991…

The food is good..I went there, last night with my sister. We have been trying. For a while, now. To see, if they were still open. Because one day, on my way home. I saw, the open sign on. Mr John. & I talked some. While he prepped. My food, to be cooked.

He told me. About being asked, to sell his business. I said.” No, please don’ t.” Man, i use to dream about your food. Lol…We laughed. He isn’t selling.

I was really happy. To hear this…

The neighborhood, was talked about. How much, that it has changed. In 20+ years…It looks, way better.Than it use to. Crime rate, is down. Which is good.

I am going, to suggest to Mr. John.

To offer, vegetarian options.

So stay tuned. Will be speaking,with him again. Soon.

If you would like to check it out.

The Fat Back Queen. *Since 1991*

1113 Pegram Street

Charlotte, NC 28205

Business# (980) 819-8518

Hours :Tuesday & Thursday

7 am- 8:30 pm


7 am – 6 pm


7 am -11:30 pm


1:30 – 11:30 pm

The Golden Age…

Imagine a world, where everyone is truly happy. No worries. No problems.

Total peace. Living abundantly and healthy. Enjoying the wonder’s, of life.

Everything and everyone, has a purpose.

We All. Are Important,Special. Loved.

Respected, both by family & friends.

For those, awake! The changes, are seen. Any true progress,change. Takes time. Savor the bitter and the sweet.

Life is meant, to be enjoyed.

If thing’s are off right now.

Stay positive..Trust & believe.

Better day’s, are just around the corner.

No spiritual bypass here…

Live by spirit. Be Authentic.

Honor, Compassion, Courage

Strength. And, most of all. 💘, with everything in you.

Because in the end, it is all you got.

What comes your way. Know that you got this. And you rock! 🙂

So Live, Fearlessly!

By: Cynthia L. Thompson

January 27, 2018